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On December 28th, 2007, Kam Pek Paradise Casino was officially opened in Macau as the world’s first e-casino. Kam Pek Paradise Casino distinguishes itself from other competitors through its unique hybrid casino games while still offering standard live table games. Unlike other casinos that offer electronic gaming, Kam Pek Paradise Casino uses real-life dealers for its electronic games instead of virtual computer-generated dealers. This allows guests to play and bet at various tables, switch games, order refreshments, play against innumerable other guests, and play with a live dealer –all while at the same terminal. There is also a variety of games such as baccarat, roulette and dice treasure, giving a new wave for Macau’s entertainment industry.

Kam Pek’s goal is to give and provide all of the guests with VIP entertainment with the best food, beverages, snacks, and excellent services in order to let the guests feel like they are right at home.
2 Times Points:
   Play live game with paradise Membership Card to earn double
Monthly Rewards:
   Play Live Multi Game and accumulatepoints to a specific amount
   within one month to gain promotion chips up to $10000 for free.
Enjoy high reward with purchasing promotion chips:
    Purchase chips of $10,000, receive reward of up to 1.2%.
Paradise Jackpot:
   Accumulate points on gaming table or live multi game machine
   with the specified amount to join Paradise Jackpot Lucky draw
   event, get a chance to win the biggest prize of $88,888.
◇Members could redeem gift by credit points with 50%
   discount on birthday.
Street Steel Motorbike Gallery:
   Macau Exclusive Motorcycle Gallery opens 24 hours with free
   admission. It offers a wide Collection of classic brands, precision
   components and gorgeous designs, many of which were designed
   produced by the internationally renowned custom motorcycle’s
   designer and fabricator, Shaun Ruddy. Street SteelMotorbike
   Gallery: Macau Exclusive Motorcycle.
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   of entertainment, beverages and food

◇ KamPek Paradise Casino has always actively participated in public
    welfare activities, This year, we will once again support the
    "Walk for a Million 2018" event
◇ The biggest Jackpot prize ever in Kam Pek Paradise casino
    with Live Multi Game Machine (LMG-5)

◇Kampek Paradise International Mixed Doubles Jockeys
   Challenge Races rounded off Kampek Paradise Casino
   sponsored the International Mixed Doubles Jockeys

◇Kam Pek Paradise Casino sponsored the Macau
   International Zen Martial Arts Culture Festival

◇ Kam Pek Paradise Casino announced sponsorship to
    Macau driver Andy Chang