Kam Pek Paradise Casino sponsored the Macau International Zen Martial Arts Culture Festival
The 1st Macau International Zen Martial Arts Culture Festival was held from 28th to 31st December in the stadium of Macao Polytechnic Institute. The painting and calligraphy exhibition sponsored by Kam Pek Paradise Casino will open at the same time. The purpose of this festival is to inherit Zen and Martial Arts, propagate Chinese martial arts and promote the idea of healthy lifestyle through international communication. Kam Pek Paradise Casino has been committed to following the central government policy and supporting the progress of traditional culture and sportsmanship with the wish of devoting to social development.

About KamPek Paradise Casino
Kam Pek Paradise Casino was officially opened on 2007 in Macau as the world’s first e-casino. Kam Pek Paradise Casino distinguishes itself from other competitors through its unique hybrid casino games while still offering standard live table games with real-life dealers for its electronic games instead of virtual computer-generated dealers. There is also a variety of games such as baccarat, roulette and dice treasure, giving a new wave for Macau’s entertainment industry.

The new renovated environment, beverages and food provided; we aim to please the mass market with our VIP entertainment, and to feel luxury and special attention we give to them attentively. Every week, we will launch lucky games filled with more prizes.

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