The biggest Jackpot prize ever in Kam Pek Paradise casino with Live Multi Game Machine (LMG-5)

On 14th November 2015, Mr. Jack Lau, Manager of Kam Pek Paradise Casino announced than Mr. Ng won over HKD 2,281,226, cash prize and one cool customized motorcycle, the highest level of Paradise Jackpot payout in Kam Pek Paradise Casino. He was betting Jackpot in one of the Live Multi Game Machine (LMG-5) in second floor of the casino.

“Paradise Jackpot” is a patent granted Baccarat-based progressive jackpot. By linking up the side bet on the felt tables, players will be able to participate in the progressive jackpot in approved betting payout.

Adding “Paradise Jackpot” to the Baccarat game gives to the player more fun and excitement but also increase revenue and attractiveness for the casino operator.

The lucky winner in order to support the local community and the society’s development, Mr Ng and Mrs Ng with all the staff under Kam Pek Paradise Casino collaboratively donate MOP 80,000 fund to Tung Sin Tong for supporting its charity operation